Video 1 - The System to Online High Ticket Profits
This video will give you a quick explanation of what's ahead for you in this course and what you need to do to make money online with the methods revealed in my course.

Video 2 - Finding Profitable High Ticket Products To Promote
Before diving into the affiliate marketing world, it's crucially important to select only the products that you are sure can be profitable. I'll show you how to remain certain that you’re not wasting time with products that have no potential and how to only pick winners.

Video 3 - Finding Profitable Keywords
Time to find profitable keywords and niches that are guaranteed to succeed! In this video you'll see exactly how I uncover profitable niches that stand no chance of failing.

Video 4 - Autoresponder Account Set-up
After we've picked the products deemed most interesting, this video will further lead you down your business route, showing you the quick and easy way to set up an Autoresponder Account.

Video 5 - Automatic Lazy Way to High Ticket Riches
Once you have an autoresponder account set up, it's time to plug-in a series of e-mails that will deliver sales material to your subscribers. I will show you how that's done and where you can get ready-made mails to use for your sales, so you don't have to write your own.

Video 6 - Setting Up Your Website
This is no rocket science - there is a quick way for you to learn where to get “the domain name” and “hosting service”, what kind of website you need to create and what are all the add-ons that you need to download for it, and this video's got the scoop for you.

Video 7 - The Ultimate Squeeze Page
Time to show you the nuts and bolts of setting up your squeeze page and integrating it in an effective way that will allow you to "trap" as many subscribers as possible on your list.

Video 8 - Creating A Free Report
Win over the people on your list even further with a nicely packed free report that will provide value and which they will find useful. Once they’re hooked, you’re one step closer to your ultimate goal - them buying what you’re promoting!

Video 9 - Discovering The Best Audience to Target For High Ticket Profits
Knowing how to target the right audience is crucially important, and this video shows you the tricks and tips on finding the right audience that wants to buy what you offer.

Video 10 - Media Buys
When talking about solo ads, you'll see here why it's considered a high quality traffic source. The video will explain the process of paying for email lists and generating traffic from someone sending your product to their own email list, thus producing traffic.

Video 11 - How to Find Solo Ad Providers
If you want to segment your subscribers you must have them first. In this video we're going to talk about a high quality traffic source called Solo Ads. The video will explain the process of paying for email lists and generating traffic from someone sending your product to their own email list, thus producing traffic.

Video 12 - YouTube Traffic In A Nutshell Part 1
This particular video will focus on setting up YouTube to work on driving traffic to your Squeeze Page. You'll see how to properly set up your very own YouTube account and get it ready to rank high and attract clicks.

Video 13 - YouTube Traffic In A Nutshell Part 2
Once you learn how to optimize your video properly, it's time to learn how to optimize it so that it attracts the highest possible number of clicks from the video to your squeeze page. You'll also see what you need to do to rank your video high on Google.

Video 14 – Ranking High In The SERPs
After you take care of all the previous steps and set everything in motion, I'm going to show you how you can have your YouTube video ranking high on Google quickly.

Video 15 - Wrap Up
Before we go our separate ways and you begin your own journey to becoming successful online, there are a few parting words I want to say.

How does this promote the high ticket item ?

Does this explain how to make youtube videos ?

Does this explain give links to All in one profit to set up autoresponder ?

Will it have affiliate link to 7 figure income as well as this high end ticket product ?